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Arch Files are ideal for keeping your important documents in pristine condition and are ideal for use in the office, at home or for students.

Arch folders mainly come in 2 sizes, A4 lever arch files and foolscap, (though we do also have A3 and A5 options available). Foolscap files take A4 paper however are slightly taller than the A4 folders which gives added space to avoid the papers from being damaged.

We have a wide range of foolscap and A4 lever arch file folders available with a variety of different features. Most of the files come with a metal finger pull hole on the spine allowing you to easily retrieve the folder from a shelf or cupboard and with a simple lever arch mechanism for filing important documents quick and easy. They also usually come with metal runners along the base edge to help avoid damage and allow for longer more durable use.

Within our range of lever arch files there are a number of options available including card, polypropylene and heavy duty. There are also a wide variety of bright eye catching colours to choose from.

If you need help to find the lever arch files that you are looking for, please feel free to give our friendly customer service team a call, we are always happy to help.

Quick steps to choose your Arch files:

Materials - polypropylene, paper on board or laminated plastic finish, easy to wipe clean;

Sizes - A4, Foolscap or special sizes like A3 and A5;

Spine size - Mini 50-52mm (350 sheet capacity), Standard size 70-80mm (500-600 sheet capacity) and Jumbo 85mm (750-800 sheet capacity).