TospinoMall shopping process

1) After entering the TospinoMall homepage, click "Login" in the upper left corner of the homepage, and enter your account information on the login page to log in.

2) If you are using TospinoMall for the first time, you need to find "Register Now" in the lower right corner of the login box. Click and jump to the registration page. Verify your phone number and fill in the account information. If the registration is successful, you can return to the login page to log in to the website. After logging in with your new account, the system will automatically generate an online payment account for you. Click "My Wallet" on the homepage of the mall to enter the payment account and bind your bank account.

3) After completing the above operations, you can return to the mall homepage and enter the product you want to buy in the search box, or you can browse the product categories, product pictures, promotion posters, etc. on the mall homepage. If you are satisfied with the product Click to enter the product introduction page.
4) On the product introduction page, you can clearly see the specific specifications of the product. When you are sure you have shopping needs, you can click "Buy now" to enter the settlement interface.

5) On the checkout page, you need to choose the mailing method and payment method, and carefully fill in the accurate detailed delivery address and contact number. After completing the payment or submitting the order, the merchant will receive your shopping order and arrange the delivery of the goods for you as soon as possible. (TospinoMall will ensure the safety of your funds during the entire shopping process).

6) After you receive the goods and confirm that they are correct, you can click "Order" on the homepage of the mall, and click "Confirm Receipt" in the order to be harvested. At this point, the shopping order has been completed.