Cancel/apply for refund?

1.Cancel & Refund rules:

1.1 If the order is still in “Pending Dispatch” status, client can apply for cancellation of all orders.TospinoMall will approve the application and refund will be processed with 3 workdays after the approval.If application was rejected, client can apply for it again.  

1.2 If the order is still in "Pending Payment", client can cancel it directly or the order will be auto canceled if client not process the payment within the timeline.

1.3 If the order is in "In transit", client can also apply for refund of global order (FBM: Ship from Overseas only). If the seller do not deal with the application with the timeline requested by TospinoMall,the after-sale application will be automatically approved by system.

If you cannot find the apply button and order has been overdued for a long time,kindly contact us.

2.How to get the refund after paid?

STEP 1: Open TospinoMall APP, login >> Me >> My Order;

STEP 2: Tap on "Pending Dispatch" or "In Transit" >> View the relative order;

STEP 3: Tap on "Apply Refund";

STEP 4: Choose the type and write down more details for the refund,then Tap on "Submit".

You can check the processing state via after sale: TospinoMall APP >> Me >> After Sale.

If you need further assistance,kindly contact us via online chat: TospinoMall APP >> Me >> Contact Customer Service.

Free helpline: 0504823591

3.To cancel an order( Unpaid), follow the following steps:

TospinoMall APP >> Me >> My Order >> Click Related Order >> Cancel


Why I cannot/ cancel my order?

Once dispatched(in transit),order cannot be changed as the cancel button will not be showing in this case.However you can apply for aftersale once received items if the products shipped from local.Global orders are not suppport exchange or after-sale if no quality issue.