Silicone Cookware 250°C high temperature Slotted Spoon Solid Turner Soup Ladle Stootted Spoon non stick frying pan kitchenware

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Brand: Jearry

Product name: Stainless steel silicone handle 11PCS cookware sold separately

Material: Silicone +Stainless steel

color: Gray

Weight:Egg Whisk:40g,Pasta Server:88g,Potato Masher:105g,Slotted Spoon:110g,Slotted Turner:101g,Solid Spoon:98g,Solid Turne:106g,Soup Ladle:113g,Stootted Spoon:96g,Turner:115g,Slotted Turner:116g

Size: Egg Whisk:27cm*7.5cm,Pasta Server:33.5cm*6cm,Potato Masher:31cm*7.5cm,Slotted Spoon:34.5cm*10.1cm,Slotted Turner:35cm*8.3cm,Solid Spoon:34cm*7cm,Solid Turne:35cm*8.4cm,Soup Ladle:31cm*8.5cm,Stootted Spoon:34cm*7cm,Turner:34.6cm*10.3cm,Slotted Turner:35cm*12cm


  1. Stainless steel silica gel kitchenware, no deformation, easy to clean, not crack, not easy to stick, soft material, fry out of health, protect the pot does not hurt the pot.
  2. Round hole hanging ring design, easy to dry, easy to store, combined with ergonomic design beautiful radian, comfortable grip, lengthened handle, heat insulation, anti-hot and anti-slip, solid structure, healthy and durable.
  3. Adapt to cold resistance -40°C and heat resistance 230°C, long service life, food grade silicone is soft and toughness, effective protection of the pot, and the pot collision without noise.
  4. Non-slip texture, high density, not easy to mold, easy to clean, not easy to penetrate, multiple protection, durable, simple and fashionable.
  5. High appearance level of pure gray matter, with polished stainless steel handle, put in the kitchen like a beautiful scenery line, let you feel more power in the kitchen.

Warm reminder:

1️⃣Silicone products can withstand a high temperature of 230 degrees Celsius.  Normal cooking is no problem, but it cannot be left in the pot or deep-fried for a long time (the hot oil temperature is too high)

2️⃣If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact our customer service chat at any time.